2 Characters That Make Your Stories And Speeches More Captivating

CrescendoPicIn our new Teleseminar entitled Storytelling: From Lackluster to Blockbuster (available on August 18th), Michael Hauge and I discussed 4 types of characters that can save your stories and make them MUCH more interesting.

In the following excerpt, you’ll hear about two of these characters and get a quick idea of the ways they can propel your stories to new heights. Once you listen to the 3-minute clip, feel free to reply to any or all of the questions below.



Questions About These Valuable Characters

Why do you think you shouldn’t be the Guru of your own story most of the time? There are exceptions of course.


When do you think it IS a GOOD time to be the Guru of your own story?


What are at least 2 ways the Reflection Character helps bring your story to life?


Even though you only heard a short part of our conversation about the Nemesis, how do you feel the Nemesis can make your story more intriguing?


Are you ready for August 18th?

Available on August 18th at a huge discount for the first 100 people.

Available on August 18th at a huge discount for the first 100 people.

On Tuesday August 18th, you’ll be able to pick up more than 35 storytelling tools, ideas, principles, and strategies that can make you a spellbinding storyteller whose message sticks. On that date, you’ll be able to access and download the Storytelling: From Lackluster to Blockbuster teleseminar replay (1 hour and 43 minutes long) that will likely change the way you see your stories and your speeches moving forward.

Note: I was going to wait until later this fall to release this teleseminar, but, when I went back and listened to it, I realized this content is too valuable to sit on and I felt compelled to release it sooner.

Craig Valentine

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